How a Time Auction Volunteer is empowering disadvantaged youth

Making an impact, one volunteer project at a time.

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Meet Leo, Brand Director and Volunteer Brand Designer

Through Time Auction, volunteers like Leo Chong is volunteering his skills to help disadvantaged students advance their education. 

As Managing Director of an international branding agency, Leo donated his design and branding skills to an educational non-profit, helping them create a new brand identity and logo, so they can better convey their work and impact. Hear Leo's story:

"We don't have vast amount of money and resources, what can we do to help?"

"Volunteering your skills is a very direct way to help." Despite his busy schedule as Managing Director of an international branding agency, Leo always finds time to support NGOs by working on pro bono projects every year. 

"When we help our commercial clients, we are constantly learning. Volunteering for NGOs, I can learn while helping people too, it’s double the impact."

At Time Auction, Leo found a way to grow his positive impact exponentially. Rather than mentoring or tutoring students (which is impactful work, too!), Leo uses his skills to support non-profits who are doing that work on a larger scale. In doing so, Leo helps disadvantaged student groups get support from impactful non-profits that could grow faster with his support.

Want to volunteer like Leo does?

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