How a Time Auction Volunteer is helping girls be more confident

Making an impact, one volunteer project at a time.

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Meet Natalie, Business Development Manager and Volunteer Fundraising Advisor

Through Time Auction, volunteers like Natalie Leung is volunteering her skills to help teenage girls be more confident. 

As a business professional for more than 10 years, Natalie uses her business and fundraising skills to support a body-positivity non-profit, advising them on how they can fundraise effectively to achieve their mission. Hear Natalie's story: 

"It's a humbling experience, but also really fun!"

Prior to working as a Business Development Manager at a real estate company, Natalie worked at a philanthropic foundation. Understanding how effective fundraising is critical for non-profits to achieve their mission, she volunteers her time as a Volunteer Fundraising Advisor, and has already consulted for 3 non-profits, advising them in creating an effective fundraising strategy.

"There are lots of business skills that can be applied to NGOs and social enterprises."

At Time Auction, Natalie found a way to grow her positive impact exponentially. Rather than mentoring young girls (which is critical work, too!), Natalie uses her skills to support non-profits who are doing that work on a larger scale. In doing so, Natalie helps many more young girls feel more confident by helping these non-profits grow.

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